Game # Date Opponent Location Win / Loss Score WLT Comments
1 3/18 Red Sox Palmdale Loss 9-1 0-1 Played 5th inning on.  Chris, Doug, Zoie, and I attending.  Very cold.
2 3/20 Palm Angels Palmdale Loss 12-4 0-2 Played whole game.  Walked twice. Thrown out at 1st.  Kyle (pitcher) hit in head by ball.
3 3/22 Phillies Sierra Win 8-7 1-2 Played 5th on.  Brent (catcher) hit on hand with bat.
4 3/28 Indians Lancaster Win 11-10 2-2 Played 5th on.  Jeremy and family attending.
5 3/29 Palm Angels Sierra Loss 19-5 2-3 Played up to 5th. Ten run rule, ended after 6th inning.
6 4/3 Orioles Lancaster Loss 2-0 2-4 Played 5th on (didn't get to bat).  Chris and family attending.  Very, very cold.  Chance no longer part of team.
7 4/5 Lan Yankees Sierra Win 6-5 3-4 Played 1st 1/2 in right field.  Played 2nd 1/2 in left.  Barry made a run stopping play.  Paul made an excellent pop-fly catch.
8 4/10 Palm Yankees Palmdale Loss 15-4 3-5 Barry made a pop-fly catch, threw it to 2nd, relayed to 1st, making double play.  Bryce and Brent made their pitching debut.
9 4/12 Twins Sierra Loss 7-1 3-6 Barry made a pop-fly catch and base hit.  Bryce hit a homerun.
n/a 4/14 Dodgers Lancaster Cancelled n/a X Rain
10 4/25 Lan Yankees Lancaster Loss 7-6 3-7 Tied in the 7th. Ended bottom of 8th.  Some angered (probably because we lost) because game went past 2 1/2 hour limit.  Chris, Doug, and Zoie present.
11 4/26 Twins Sierra Loss 9-5 3-8 Barry made 2 pop-fly catches in right field (same inning).  Umpire made some questionable calls and disrespectful to coach.
12 5/1 Giants Palmdale Loss 9-2 3-9 Barry made a pop-fly catch.
n/a 5/3 Indians Sierra Cancelled n/a X Rain
13 5/6 Dodgers Lancaster Win 17-5 4-9 Three teams showed up to play.  Phillies went to batting practice.  Coach moved every body around (Barry to 2nd) because we were winning so easily.  Game ended in 4th.  Two kids on other team ejected for "unsportsmanlike" conduct.
14 5/10 Lan Angels Lancaster Loss 6-2 4-10 Barry hit in the wrist by a pitch. Also, made a base hit. We didn't do too badly considering the other team is the best in the league.
15 5/12 Cubs Palmdale Win 4-3 5-10 Uncle Walt attending. Barry only played the first 2 innings. Complained of sore knee.
16 5/14 Red Sox Palmdale Loss 9-6 5-11 Barry made a hit every time at bat. Unfortunately, though, he never made 1st base. A parent almost was ejected for suggesting his child "cleat" the first baseman.
17 5/20 Giants Palmdale Loss 10-0 5-12 Ended bottom of the sixth.  Rivera (plays for Giants) hit a homerun (over 20 foot fence).  Even parents on our team applauded when he came home.
18 5/28 Orioles Sierra Loss 9-0 5-13 Barry played center and left field. Field ump made a questionable call which had Manager Tom a bit upset. May not have game Friday because of the 3 team fiasco on 5/6/03 at Lancaster.
n/a 5/30 Dodgers Lancaster Cancelled n/a X Blame the 3 team fiasco, I guess.
19 6/4 Phillies Sierra Win 11-4 6-13 Game was not on schedule.  I thought we were just having practice till the day before.  Barry RBI'd with a bunt; almost made 1st base.  Thomas pitched a brilliant 2nd half.

Note: Found out on 6/7/03 that they rescheduled what was supposed to be our last game to this day. Communication is first as usual. Yes, that's sarcasm.

20 6/7 Lan Angels Sierra Loss 10-5 6-14 Turns out this was our last game. Brought video camera, tried to tape through fence. Sound didn't work.